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December 04, 2015
by Alan Sears, Faculty of Education, University of New Brunswick
In the spring and summer of 2015, Zunera Ishaq provoked a widespread debate in Canada when she insisted on wearing her niqab while she took the oath to become a Canadian citizen. Around the same time, a debate was brewing in New Brunswick about whether or not Anglophone and ... Read more >
May 07, 2015
by Annie Kidder
Read Annie Kidder’s guest blog for Samara, a non-partisan group working to increase engagement in Canadian politics and democracy. Read more >
March 10, 2015
by Annie Kidder, David Cameron and People for Education
Schools are central to the cultivation of future generations, and must meet the emerging needs of a changing world if they are to reach their potential as an essential national value. Canada needs: new generations with the skills to innovate, adapt, imagine and continue to ... Read more >
November 24, 2014
by Jennifer Riel Rotman School of Management, UofT
Creativity can sometimes seem like the domain of artists and visionaries. Some people are creative: they write, paint or dance. They live a world of inventions and new ideas. And some of us, well, our music teachers suggested we stand in the back and mouth the words in choir. ... Read more >
November 07, 2014
by Annie Kidder
Over the next few months, we will be adding blog posts from many experts. They’re going to let us know what we’ve missed, where we’ve gone wrong, and where the ideas are “just what the doctor ordered.” What will make this initiative work is the ... Read more >